Brooklyn DOP I
Artisan Style NY Pizzeria

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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Tommy and Jason, owners of Brooklyn DOP

Our Humble Beginnings

"I started selling pizzas every Friday on instagram in the midst of COVID lockdown to pay my own rent, and it started to take off.

My partner, Jason D'Amelio, who is also an entrepreneur and home cook, found catharsis in running this apartment pizzeria with me. Very soon after, we found ourselves incorporating, and the rest, as they say, is history!" - Thomas Ardito

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The long-fermented dough shows to its best advantage in pan pizzas like the Sicilian and the oil-crisped, garlic-laden grandma pie, but keep an eye out for the pepproni pinwheels.

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Pete Wells
The 100 Best Restaurant in NYC 2023, New York Times

interior view of brooklyn dop pizza restaurant
Santa Lucia Pizza, white Pie

What does
DOP stand for?

Denominazione di Origine Protetta, which translates to Protected Designation of Origin. This is a certification used in Italia to denote a product having distinct regional and process driven origin.

It is government backed and strictly protected by the producers. What we are saying is that we are a distinct, regional and process driven product.

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